The Stress of Season Ticket Renewal

The Arizona Diamondbacks announced the beginning of Season Ticket renewals the first part of August. The deadline for existing season ticket holders to renew their season ticket packages was August 30. As an incentive to get account holders to renew early the Diamondbacks offered a “30 Prizes in 30 Days” promotion where a renewed season ticket holder was drawn each day for a fabulous prize.

The prizes were pretty substantial including a trip to the 2010 All-Star game, taking batting practice with Mark Reynolds, fielding practice with Chris Young, or Staycations to local resorts. There was really something for everyone.

I was eager to begin the season ticket renewal process. That’s not to say I was eager to send in my money for next season, I am constantly reminded by my wife and kids that they have a million and one other uses for the money we spend on baseball tickets. I have to keep reminding them that I am already just borderline sane, loss of baseball tickets would be the item that would probably push me over the edge to insanity. So far they have not been willing to see if I am right or not.

As the end of August approached I would eagerly flag down the mail man and inquire if he had anything in a Sedona Red envelope for me. Each day the answer was always the same, no. When the final week of August arrived and I still had not gotten season ticket renewal information I began to panic.

I remembered that earlier this season Trina had made the comment that the Arizona Diamondbacks have never made the play-offs when my season tickets were on the first base side. I began to wonder if the Diamondbacks had also figured this out and in an effort to try to return to the post season they had chosen to not allow me to renew thereby eliminating the potential jinx.

I started to get sick to my stomach at the thoughts that perhaps the team had decided to go a different direction with their fans and that I did not figure into the equation. I also had a recurring dream that I had been traded to the Chicago Cubs for a fan to be named later and that I had to get rid of all my Sedona Red items and replace them with blue. I won’t even go into the dream where I had to try and break the goat curse.

I began making some frantic calls and sent emails to everyone and anyone I could find trying to see if I had been traded or not. What I learned was even more discouraging. My account had somehow been moved or displaced or something and that I had fallen in a crack in the system.

All I knew about cracks was that they weren’t good. The time I hit Trina’s Precious Moments figurine with a Nerf baseball causing it to fall and crack; bad. The time I was hit in the head by a pitch and my batting helmet cracked; bad. Stepping on a sidewalk crack and breaking my mother’s back; bad. Yeah cracks are definitely not a good thing.

I was assured that the team did want me to renew my season tickets and that it was going to take a little bit to try and get everything back to where it was. For the next three weeks my life has been filled with stress as I worked with the Diamondbacks to try and get my account restored to a point where I would be back among the living.

Finally this week I was sent an invoice for renewing my season tickets. I was also sent information on seat relocation which has to be turned in by tomorrow. Right now our house is at Def Con 2. The kids have been given specific assignments as dad prepares the battle plan for renewing season tickets and even more importantly seat relocation. The good news is my account is almost completely healed. It was close; I never want to go through that again. It’s hard to almost lose a loved one.



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