Hats Off to the Diamondbacks

Major League Baseball recently announced changes to the batting practice hats for each of the 30 teams. This is always good news especially for dedicated fans. It gives you a perfect excuse to go out and buy a new team hat.

I am not someone who has a single baseball hat. I collect hats like many fans collect bobble head dolls. Well to be honest, it is a lot worse than that. I only have about 50 bobble head dolls but according to my wife I have over a hundred Diamondbacks hats.

2010 Arizona Diamondbacks Batting Practice Hat

At first I challenged her accounting methods but as she started naming off all of the various Diamondbacks hats that I have I realized she might be more accurate than I would care to admit. I tried to stop her recounting the various hats that I had in my possession. She just kept going sounding more and more like Forrest Gump’s army friend Bubba as he described that various ways you can cook shrimp.

I have to ask a huge favor; please don’t tell my wife I just compared her to Bubba Blue on Forrest Gump. Life is hard enough at my house without adding to my problem by suggesting similarities between her and a large mentally challenged soldier from Alabama.

Given my wife’s sudden fascination with counting hats I have had to curtail buying any more hats, at least until I can find a better hiding place to put the old ones. I was therefore excited to hear that Major League Baseball was introducing new hats.

Clearly my wife could not possibly complain about me getting a new batting practice hat. After all, how embarrassed would she be to be seen with me wearing last season’s hat? I’m no follower of fashion but I do know it is a sin to wear white shoes after Labor Day and you never wear last season’s hats.

I should first explain the concept of the batting practice hat. I know you were thinking that the name of the product was pretty self explanatory. But the same could be said for the infield fly rule and I challenge anyone to explain the nuances of that rule to a non-baseball fan. Eyes immediately glaze over.

2007 Arizona Diamondbacks Batting Practice Hat

The batting practice hat is indeed worn by players during batting practice before every game. That is not its only use though. The batting practice hat is also worn throughout Spring Training as the game hat during games as well as during pre-game batting practice.

I guess we should probably be grateful that Major League Baseball did not call it the Batting Practice and Spring Training Hat Worn By All Players and Coaches. Whew, that is almost as long and convoluted as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The previous version of the Diamondbacks Batting Practice Hat was black with Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand accents on the sides. The front had the Diamondbacks “D” logo in Sedona Red outlined in Sonoran Sand. It was a pretty cool hat.

The new Diamondbacks Batting Practice Hat is a solid Sedona Red cap. There is a black stripe that runs from the top down the two front panels and down across the brim. The logo is a black Diamondbacks “D” snake logo outlined in Sonoran Sand.

I have to be honest; I was a little underwhelmed at the sight of the new hat. The old design had more style. Looking over the batting practice hats of the other 29 teams I was likewise less than impressed. One thing that caught my eye is that the New York Yankees actually have two batting practice hats.

They have one for taking batting practice at home and another for taking batting practice on the road. I’m not quite sure I understand why they get to be “special” and have two hats. I guess when you have the highest payroll in baseball you can justify anything including two batting practice hats.

Even though I liked the old Diamondbacks hat better, that will not prevent me from exercising my right to buy a new hat and justify it as being a loyal Diamondbacks fan. Surely my wife can understand that, can’t she?


  1. Hokay …. here’s Rupe’s take on things:

    You wife knew what she was getting into long, long ago. And, if that isn’t the case, she knew shortly thereafter. And, if that still isn’t the case, her ignorance of such should be continued as it’s been “working” for her thus far.

    Look: She’s a smart cookie. Rupe’s heard story after story after story of her wiley ways … her snap decisions … her keeping you in line. She can’t fault you for a mere hat or hundred. It could be worse: You could be a cross dresser. Drugs. Car collecting. Enough said.

    I give you permission to purchase that spiffy, yet underwhelming new practice hat. Tell her I said so. Blame it on Rupe.

    “California Angels”. At Anaheim Stadium. Rupe still says this. Always have, always will. Rupe mocks “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” every chance he gets.

  2. Joey Minnich

    Definetely agree that the old hat was great! But the new hat isn’t bad. Just another of many (I hope) changes from the Diamondbacks ways of a year ago.

    P.S. I read your blog every day and I love it. I am a transplanted fan in PA (weird I know, I’ve never set foot in AZ) and any take on the Diamondbacks, far a few between, is appreciated by me.

  3. I assume that you probably wear a L/XL bp hat. Well have you noticed that even though they are that size some still fit kinda tight around the forehead?

    I have two of those red Arizona BP hats and one is nice and snug yet the other leaves a red mark around my head. Just sucks how that L/XL can be really misleading sometimes.

    • Actually I wear a Small/Medium but like you I have notice there is a wide discrepancy in how each hat fits. I would have expected a tighter tolerance in sizes (no pun intended).

      • See the problem with me is that I am a strict online only shopper when it comes to hats. So of course I just have to pray that the hat they send me is one of the snug ones. And not the one that will leave that ugly red mark on my forehead. Lol hate it when I take it off and people tell me what happened to my head.

        Anyhow guess I should be smarter and go to my local hat store then I can actually try it on.

  4. On a side note maybe these guys should indicate that even the L/XL hats might be tight depending on how they are made. I don’t man just saying I guess

  5. So, the Spring training/BP hats were never worn during a game? I could swear I watched teams that wore the 2009 edition during them game. Red, Cubs, Yankees….Anyone else remember that?


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