Getting Ready to Go on Tour

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the Arizona Diamondbacks, a event that usually results in dancing, banquets, and huge celebrations around my house much to the chagrin of my wife. In this particular email I was extended an invitation to attend a “Behind the Scenes Tour of Chase Field”.

I was extremely excited about the thoughts of a backstage tour of Chase Field and I began jumping around the living room like a five year old after eating an entire case of Hostess Twinkies. You would think a grown man singing and dancing around the house would bring the family running to see what the excitement was. In my house it is so common I pretty much get ignored.

Not content having this news to myself I called the family together to share with them my wonderful news. I have to admit, the lack of excitement in their eyes was less than what I expected with the exception of my daughter Tiffany.

She is quickly becoming my favorite child. She has been a lifelong baseball fan and is the one I can always count on to be excited about anything Diamondbacks related. As I explained I had two tickets to a Chase Field behind the scenes tour Tiffany immediately volunteered to accompany me to the event.

The rest of the family seemed too relieved to have her “take one for the team”. I’m still not sure exactly what that meant. Even their lack of enthusiasm could not deter my mode. I marked on the calendar February 25 – 6:30 PM D-Backs Tour using the closest thing I had to a Sedona Red crayon.

Every day since that time I have walked by that calendar and counted the days until February 25 would arrive. Before going to bed last night I made one last look at the calendar making sure that the date had not somehow mysteriously skipped the 25th causing me to miss this historic event.

Perhaps I should have not looked at the calendar last night. Once it registered that February 25 was the next day, all thoughts of sleep fled my body. Its one thing to lose sleep anticipating something like Christmas, but this was several orders of magnitude more important than that.

I went upstairs and surveyed my closet trying to decide what to wear. Should I wear a Diamondbacks T-Shirt, Diamondbacks Hoodie, and my home Diamondbacks hat? Or maybe this event called for a Diamondbacks jersey and Diamondbacks All-Star hat. No, that would be way to pretentious.

I stood there in the closet scouring the various shades of Sedona Red, Sonoran Sand, and Black clothing. In the back of the closet was a small set of Purple and Teal holdovers waiting patiently for 90’s night at the ballpark this season.

Finally I decided on a Spring Training polo shirt with a black sweatshirt and my Sedona Red and Black hat. I carefully laid out each item of clothing much like a fireman lays out his things before retiring for the night.

After all, you never know when you’ll get a call in the middle of the night to rush down to Chase Field and I wanted to be prepared. Under my breath I quietly cursed again that my wife had vetoed my idea to install a fireman’s pole in our house.

It was a very long night. I must have woken up every five minutes to check the clock to see if it was time to get up. I also checked to make sure some crazed Los Angeles Dodgers fan had not broken into the house and stole the clothes I laid out to wear.

The thoughts of a crazed Dodgers fan sent chills down my spine and I decided maybe I should go downstairs and check the Diamondbacks bobble head dolls just to make sure they were all safe. I grabbed my daughter’s autographed Matt Mantei baseball bat just in case.

Honestly I have no idea why we have a bat autographed by a relief pitcher who in six years with the Diamondbacks had zero plate appearances and only five at-bats in his entire career.

The bobble heads were fine although the Eric Byrnes bobble head was now sporting a Chris Snyder face mask that I didn’t remember him wearing when I went to bed.

Finally after what seemed like a longer time than the last Chicago Cubs world championship morning arrived. I drug myself out of bed and quickly dressed ready to head down to Chase Field for the Behind the Scenes tour.

Dang, I still have 10 hours 46 minutes before my tour starts. This is going to be a seriously long day.



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