Let Grace Win

By all accounts the Diamondbacks Legends races at the end of the fifth inning have proven to be a big hit since they started on July 2 during a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The four Legends are represented by Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace, Randy Johnson, and Matt Williams.

The costumes display a caricature of each player and feed very well off each other. In the first ten races the Legends have brought newfound excitement to the ballpark that can be lacking when the team is 20 games below .500.

At each game as the Legends are introduced the crowd gets into the action cheering on their favorite player willing them to victory. So far the Legends seem to be fairly close with anyone able to win on a given night.

Well, anyone that is except Mark Grace. It seems as though poor Mark Grace’s legend character never can get a break losing each and every night. It is not just the losing that is frustrating though, it is the way he loses that makes it so difficult.

From run-ins with the opposing players to a face off with none other than Darth Vader, it seems like Grace is just cursed. Whatever the reason for his losing, it has to stop. Part of being a Legend is the fact that you had success as a member of the Diamondbacks. You can therefore not have one Legend who loses each and every time.

For that reason I’ve built a new web site, one that will chronicle the efforts of Legend Mark Grace and his quest to finally win a Legends race. The site is LetGraceWin.com. On this site you will be able to find not only the current streak of how many losses Grace has had to endure but also how he lost.

Somewhere in there will be begging and pleading to let Grace win a race and restore the dignity he has lost by never being allowed to win. I’ll try to include my irreverent look at each race and give insight from someone who has seen every one of his losses.

Hopefully through these efforts Grace and his Legend character will find hope and the will to win because every Legend deserves to win once in a while. I encourage you to stop by and get caught up on the saga that screams, “Let Grace Win!”



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