New Year’s Resolutions

Ah New Years, what an interesting holiday. People all around the world get dressed up, put on party hats, drink massive amounts of alcohol and count down to the moment when their wall calendar becomes obsolete. When the clock strikes midnight they cheer, kiss complete strangers, and then toss their calendars into the trash to be replaced by a brand new one and the countdown begins again. I’m not exactly sure who came up with this tradition, probably the same guy who thought the designated hitter was a good idea.

New Years is not just about replacing that Diamondbacks wall or desk calendar with a brand new one. It is also about looking back over the past year and assessing what went right and what went wrong. The conclusion of this assessment is typically a list of resolutions that should make you a better person in the upcoming year.

Typically I don’t participate in the New Years Resolution ritual. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am really good at making resolutions I just stink at actually accomplishing them. By about mid-January I can’t even remember what resolutions I made and if I do remember them I am so far off the mark that I just give up.

But this year I promised myself it is going to be different. This year I am going to make positive changes in my life and actually stick with them. And the best way for me to do that is to document these resolutions and post them publicly so that I am held accountable for making sure I follow them. So here it goes, my 2011 New Years Resolutions.

1. Attend more Diamondbacks games. Ok I admit this one might be difficult to keep. I am already committed to attending 81 home games at Chase Field but this year that’s not enough. No I need to go the extra mile here. It’s all well and good to attend home games but what about away games? Now I know this one is bound to get me in trouble at home as the family is already a little tipped over that they have to rearrange their lives 81 days of the year around the Diamondbacks schedule but we all need to make sacrifices to become better. So even if I can get them to one away game that will allow me to keep my resolution. And who knows, if I add one additional away game a season then in 81 years I will be able to attend all 162 games in a season so that’s something to look forward to.
2. Complete one item from by bucket list. After number one on the list I have a feeling my wife is going to kill me so if I am going to die then I better start knocking things off my bucket list. The Diamondbacks have been great helping me accomplish some of them but I still have a ways to go and if you’re going to die you may as well have some fun along the way.
3. Attend a Major League Baseball All-Star game. Ok this one is cheating a little. With the Diamondbacks hosting the All-Star game this summer this should be a gimmie. But I figure if I put it on my resolution list then I might stand a better chance justifying the cost of All-Star game tickets. “But dear, I have to go to the All-Star Game, it was a New Year’s resolution.” Yeah that should work right?
4. Introduce at least one new person to Arizona Diamondbacks baseball. It’s sometimes hard to comprehend that there are people who have not been to an Arizona Diamondbacks game, especially one at Chase Field. As a Season Ticket Holder I kind of take for granted that baseball is the greatest game in the world but from the looks of Chase Field most nights there are thousands of people who do not share my point of view. Maybe if I bring just one new fan they will get hooked and they’ll bring a friend and so on and so forth. If this works the Diamondbacks could be playing in front of a sellout crowd and really isn’t that what we all want?
5. End my negative attitude towards Rally Sally. Ok if the All-Star game resolution was a given, this is the other end of the spectrum. I need to realize that every fan is different and each one of us has our own way of supporting the home team. While I’ll never go to the upper deck and dance with her or wave flags for each player I need to accept that she loves baseball as much as I do and I should respect that. This may be the hardest resolution I have but I am going to make an effort.

Well there you have it, five simple resolutions that will hopefully make me a better person in 2011 than I was in 2010. Of course it would help if the Arizona Diamondbacks had a similar set of resolutions where they will compete for the National League West Championship and ultimately a World Series. After all, if I can make amends with Rally Sally the least they could do would be to win their second World Championship a decade after their first one.



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