Miggy’s New Wheels

In 2012 Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero showed up at Spring Training sporting a brand new ride. After signing a 5-year extension Montero decided to reward himself with a little something. To most of us, a little something would be a new set of shoelaces or maybe a jersey. For Montero, he bought a Ferrari 458 Italia sports car. For those who go out to Salt River Fields for Spring Training, it was not hard to spot the new car. It stood out like a fan wearing a purple jersey.

Ferrari-458-ItaliaWhen no one was around, Montero would take the car out on Via Linda and open it up a little and see what it could do. I have to admit; it was pretty humbling seeing that car jump off the line while I sat there trying to adjust the radio dial on my little car.

The Ferrari was customized by Jhulio Tadeo of MC Customs in Miami Florida who did an amazing job making it look as fast as it sounds and goes. The car was featured in Dub Magazine Issue 79 for those who want to read about the car’s specifics.

I don’t know about you but if I owned a Ferrari 458 Italia I would be driving it everywhere. “You need me to pick up a gallon of milk at the grocery store? No problem, I’ll be back in 6.3 seconds. The milk will still be cold.” Yeah that would be amazing.

Of course there are downsides to having a Ferrari 458 Italia. Like when your wife leaves you with the kids and you need to go get a new package of Huggies. Seriously, have you ever tried to put a car seat in a Ferrari? Yeah me either but I’ve watched enough Magnum P.I. episodes to believe it has to be impossible since Tom Selleck never had a car seat in his and he only had a Ferrari 308 GTS.

So when I heard that Miguel Montero had a new set of wheels that he got this off-season I had to wonder what could he possibly get that would be better than his Ferrari? Then I saw a picture and it was a bicycle. No seriously, a bicycle.

Miguel Montero BicycleNow granted, he did get a Ferrari red helmet and it was a mountain bike but it’s still a bicycle. The bike does have front suspension and disc brakes on the front. Probably the funniest thing though is he mounted a GoPro camera to the handlebars.

Don’t get me wrong, I think GoPro is cool and I love to see those action shots of someone screaming down the trail at 60 miles an hour with trees and rocks just a blur but Montero has his camera mounted backwards so you can see him smiling while he is riding his bike on the streets in the bike lane.

And I don’t even want to think about what kind of grief he would get at Salt River Fields if he shows up with a bike rack mounted to the back of his Ferrari. That would have to be the biggest fine ever levied in kangaroo court.

No word on whether the mountain bike was custom built or if it will be featured in an upcoming issue of Bicycling magazine. For now, Montero can just enjoy a little cardio and maybe we can get him to put baseball cards in the spokes so his bike sounds like his Ferrari. Just don’t use an Archie Bradley rookie card, those may be worth some money.



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